Swiss School Creative Writers Workshop 2013

On the 3rd of February 2013, twenty sixth graders descended by long boat upon Telunas Beach Resort. Their excited little bodies practically bounced around the pancung (Malay for wooden long boat with outrigger engines) as they wove in and out of small islands on the journey from Sekupang, Batam to the overwater camp (Don’t tell parents it’s more like paradise). They would spend the next five days exploring creative writing material with famed children’s author and jack-of-all trades, Richard Tulloch. Writing material was no issue of course as a sixth grader’s imaginative mind is endlessly stimulated by trips to a local village, a deserted island, and a mysterious black pool in the jungles of Sugi.

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SAS Art Camp 2010 at Telunas Beach

Art practically dripped out of the hands of the students attending  the fifth annual Singapore American School Art Camp at Telunas.  Surrounded by the tranquil South China Sea, with good music playing in the background, I watched sixteen through eighteen year olds produce art that I couldn’t have even imagined.

Barbara Harvey, one of the advanced placement art teachers from Singapore American School, has brought her students here over the years.  The trip is now greatly anticipated by the art students, and Barbara said that they produce many pieces during this concentrated time of art which they include in their portfolios.  These portfolios help many of them get into universities of their choice.

Art was one of the many things these students were skilled at doing.  Fun was had by all as we made smores (chocolate, biscuit and marshmallow deliciousness)  at the campfire, jumped off the high jetty into refreshing water, and played Pictionary into the night.  I saw camaraderie grow as the students played together, took pictures using glow sticks that Miss Harvey brought as a surprise to the bonfire, and created masterpieces together.

Written by: Selena Mahoney

Singapore’s Swiss School Students Lend Their Hands to Build a Local School’s Canteen

Setting aside the fun activities of being at the Telunas Center (at Telunas Beach) and working through their week-long writer’s workshop (formerly known as camp), the students of Singapore’s Swiss School took the time to perform a community development project.  Their project was to help a local school on Pauh Island to build a canteen.

The Swiss School’s boys and girls were overwhelmed by the local students’ warm welcome.  The boys and girls were given a chance to see the life of the people on the island as they were led to the school building, which was located on top of a hill.  As they seated themselves in one of the classrooms, they were privileged to see a demonstration of the local cultural arts through music and dance.  And then, it was time to work…

The children had enjoyed themselves so much that time passed by and it was time for lunch.  The school staff had prepared traditional cuisine for the Swiss School boys and girls to enjoy.  By that time, many local students were already anxious to continue having fun with the Swiss School students.  However, it was time to go home and the kids would have to leave the island.  The students and community will always remember the experience and good times that were shared.

Telunas Beach is proud and privileged to have hosted such a fun group of students and we would love to provide such experiences for your students.  You can simply contact us to request further information to bring your school group to the Telunas Center.