Health & Safety


Health and Safety is Our Top Priority

We take the health and safety of your loved ones seriously. We invest time and resources to prepare the best we can for any situation that is thrown our way. With being in a remote location, having robust systems and procedures is of the utmost importance. Here are some of the ways we prepare


Medical Emergency Response Plan

We have a clear and precise way in determining the next steps for any emergency or evacuation that is necessary.

We have a robust response plan with capabilities of evacuation to medical facilities 24 hours a day.

Wilderness First Responder

We host an on-site Wilderness First Responder training from NOLS Wilderness Medicine. This 10-day world-class training provides essential life-saving medical training to our key staff members as well as important leadership decision-making in crisis situations.

First Aid

We provide regular first aid training to our staff, ensuring they are equipped to handle minor injuries and health issues swiftly and effectively. Our first aid kits are well-stocked and accessible throughout the resort, with staff members trained to prioritise the safety and well-being of our guests at all times.